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Bridle Trails State Park

ADA Parking and Access Path to Arenas

May & June , 2010

See the project photos on our Facebook page!


Private facility near Arlington with deep muddy paddocks - Fall, 2009

New paddock base
Now a "mud free zone"
New paddock base
No mud at run-in shed or gates!


Extensive drainage corrections to a large parking area adjacent the main barn complex.

Raflyn Farms Dressage Center in Snohomish, Washington. Grassy Pavers provided the means to install a traffic-bearing pervious surface over new drainage installation for the access and parking areas of this busy training and instructional facility.


Exclusive Bridle Trails area gated community - November/December 2008 - new horse housing

Installation in a confined urban setting, preserving valuable landscaping

New construction for a single horse.

Mud was an issue, but no more!

New driveway from street
New driveway
New Barn Access - Before
Washrack - finally, no mud!
New Barn Access - in progress
Rear of house - in progress
New Barn Access - After
Rear of house - After


We offer retail sales as well as installed facility improvements. We can also have our products drop-shipped to anyplace in the country, and we offer telephone support for installation techniques and tips to our customers who are out of our immediate area.

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