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About Arena Rehab Specialists

Rick Triplett began Improvements Plus, Inc., in May of 1992, with the idea of providing personalized customer service to Northwest horse owners in arena construction and repair.

For the Horses, By a Horseman

Our business has evolved into a premium provider of equestrian arena products and services, including construction of top quality ALL WEATHER outdoor riding arena bases and surfaces and dust-free indoor arena footing solutions for all disciplines, as well as renovations to existing footings. 


Our arena consultation advisory services include guidance in selection of arena sites, facility access, sacrifice areas and confinement paddocks, as well as mud abatement and drainage correction information.

Retail Sales

We emphasize RETAIL SALES of our product line, and free support via telephone to our customers on installation and use of products purchased from us.


Our personal services include facility consulting work for construction, renovation and amendment of existing riding arena bases and footings.

Why We Are Unique

We introduced the “German felt” footing additives to the Northwest some years back, and have continually re-evaluated quality and effectiveness as we work with this technology. We now import and sell our own blend of German felt under the Equi-Fleece ™ brand name.

Arena Rehab Specialists is the Master Distributor for the Pacific Northwest for the MAG products from Dead Sea Works. We maintain stocks for retail sale to customers. We were the first arena footing specialist on the West Coast to offer the MAG Flake magnesium chloride products for indoor arena dust control. We use this in our indoor arena footings, as it is the best solution for arena dust suppression and moisture stabilization.

MAG is the safest, most effective dust control product available. MAG has a cost saving benefit over the long run due to its longevity when compared to the polymers and co-polymers etc. We use the MAG in our own arena due to its effectiveness, longevity and safety.
We sell and ship MAG Flakes and Equi-Fleece to points all over the western US and Canada  from our West Coast location near Monroe, Washington.


We also offer commercial users MAG in bulk form in Super Sacks on pallets, in either flake or pellet form, for dust control and de-icing use.


Contact us for commercial account orders.


We also offer commercial users MAG in bulk form in Super Sacks on pallets, in either flake or pellet form, for dust control and de-icing use.


Contact us for commercial account orders.



Do you accept PayPal or Credit Cards?

For your convenience, we now accept credit card payments through PayPal. Please ask about this option when you get the estimate for your project.

Are you licensed and bonded?

We are a Licensed and Bonded Contractor in Washington State IMPROPI-085-J3

Where are you located?

We are located in Sultan, WA 98294. Our mailing address is: PO Box 1646, Sultan, WA 98294.

Is there an email address for contact?

Yes! Please use Rick@arena-rehab.com to contact us (or our phone number located near the top of every page). Email links are non-active for security reasons. You will have to cut and paste into your email client or use the form above or on the home page.

What does the MAG cost for my arena?

MAG Flakes are the most reasonably priced dust control option, when compared to everyday watering, using short-lived polymers or sticky waxes or smelly oils. The MAG lasts and lasts, often until the sand has worn to the point of needing refreshing. Small touch-up applications may be needed as the footing sands wear down, or in areas along an open side of the arena that rain or snow comes in to wash the MAG out. Please CONTACT US to calculate your needs for your individual arena size and footing depth.

How often do I need to water now that I have the MAG installed?

You should NEVER water once you have the MAG installed! To do so will wash it down and out of your footing.

What types of footings is the MAG Flake suited for?

Mag is super for sand arena footings, as well as sand blended with felt or fiber additives.

Is the MAG a proven product?

YES! MAG has been in use as a dust control agent in indoor riding facilities for over 25 years.

Is the MAG detrimental to my horses' hooves? I hear people say it will dry them out!

NO! Mag does not dry out hooves. As it holds the moisture IN, it cannot dry anything out.

Will the MAG still work in winter freezing weather?

YES! The MAG will continue to control dust in your indoor arena when the weather is freezing, and it will also prevent your footing from freezing as well!

Will my dogs and cats be harmed by walking in MAG treated footing?

NO! Pets have no problems with a MAG arena. MAG is used for many dog agility facilities!

Is the liquid sprayed on mixture cheaper than the MAG Flakes?
NO! If you buy a 50 lbs. bag of MAG Flakes, you get 50 lbs. of pure magnesium chloride.   Our MAG is guaranteed to be 100% MgCl2 hexahydrate, while liquids chemically cannot contain more than 33% MgCl2,.   There are NO agricultural or distiller’s waste products in MAG; it is a pure natural product that is extracted from the Dead Sea – a source of life giving minerals.  If you’re considering sprayed on magnesium chloride, make sure you’re getting pure magnesium chloride and a guarantee of the actual weight of the magnesium chloride before added to the tank water.
Is there a shelf life for the MAG?
The MAG Flakes, if kept in its sealed bags, will last for years! Unless the bags are opened to the air, or stored in contact with the damp ground, MAG stores very well.