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Sand Arenas Customized For Your Needs

We specialize in sand arenas customized for your needs. Innovative, effective, state of the art footing additives for all-weather riding surfaces. We can create your riding arena surface from scratch, renovate or correct an existing surface that may not be meeting your needs, and provide expert installation on a wide range of material selections to create the high performance footings you and your horses deserve.

Mud Abatement!

As longtime residents of our rainy Pacific Northwest climate, we are also very cognizant of the issues of surface water , drainage issues, and paddock mud, as well as general driveway and utility grading and excavation. We have had to deal with all of these things in our own horse breeding operation – let us consult with you to alleviate YOUR water, mud and drainage issues.

Your horses will thank you for it.

Our Customers do most of our advertising for us!

Our Happy Customers

Raemy Equestrian

A perfect Breathe-Right footing using Equi-Fleece and sand with MAG added for dust and moisture control. Mount Vernon, WA. 

Aspen Farm

New indoor arena footing with Equi-Fleece and MAG added for moisture and dust control. Yelm, WA. December 2014

Outdoor Arena

New arena for Encanto Valley Farm

Outdoor Arena

Golden silica sand and felt for private arena in King County, Washington State, footing finished

Round Pen

Round Pen 8+ inches of sand with Equi-Fleece. 1600 pound Irish Draught, note the hoofprints

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